About This Project

Document Management Platform Launch Campaign And Lead Generation Strategy


MyDox & BeeCoded

BeeCoded is one of the fastest-growing software development labs in Bucharest.

MyDox is BeeCoded’s first owned SaaS product, 100% developed internally, #WITHLOVE made in Romania, a data management platform that streamlines the client onboarding, documents feedback, and the signing & archiving of important documents.


MyDox was a new SaaS start-up with little to no brand awareness in a highly competitive market. Due to market fragmentation and limited resources, we had to make sure that we create a launch campaign and a lead generation strategy that could cut through the noise in the market and generate positive ROI starting from the first day.

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In order for us to make the most out of the launch, while being cost conscience, we started with a thorough market analysis and product definition and key messages, unique value propositions, channel mix, frequency, and communication pillars.

The next step was to design the ideal customer profile. Based on the data made available to us by the client from their product design stage we conducted a series of questionnaires and interviews with representative people who we believed are the perfect representation of MyDox’s ideal customer profile.

After this initial stage, we chose 2 ideal customer profiles that we thought will be the most interested in a data document management:

  • Small creative and software development agencies (3-10 people) who need a solution to optimize their document workflows. We knew they already use some DIY solutions to fix their document management problems, but needed a better way to do so;
  • Freelancers and independent workers who don’t have the time and energy to also handle the admin work.

We decided to launch in 3 stages:

  • Teasing & pre-launch: Landing pages to test the key messages, but also gather email addresses of interested people;
  • Launch campaign: Lifetime discount for the people who joined MyDox in the first month, supported by social media content, articles, PR outreach, paid media, and owned media, using 3 out of the 4 micro-moments: I want to KNOW, I want to DO, I want to BUY;
  • Social media & email cold outreach: we created a series of LinkedIn & email outreach sequences to reach out laser focused only to our ideal customer profiles.


  • Market & internal reserach
  • Brand strategy
  • Launch strategy
  • Launch campaign
  • Social media campaign
  • Lead generation strategy
  • Sales copywriting

Client testimonial

“The thing that had me worried was the long list of things I had to do to prepare the launch of our product. I was very confused and I had no idea where to start and how to make it all happen. I needed a reliable marketing partner, a doer and a person that can help me out. After a lot of interviews and searches, Milk & Cookies Studio helped me with the launch strategy and gave me great structure for all future marketing efforts. They helped me build a good homepage and landing-ages that deliver, they helped my tweak the texts on our website and in our outreach messages and they saved precious time by simplifying what seemed like a colossal task: MyDox launch and lead generation campaigns.” – Ionuț Grigorescu, CEO & Founder @ BeeCoded & MyDox.

Who’s behind the project:

Claudiu Jojatu as Digital Strategy Consultant

Cristina Tupita as Head of Creative

Got too much on your digital marketing plate?
We can help with that.