Information about Cookies

In order to ensure the proper functioning of this website and to enhance your browsing experience, this site needs to place a small amount of information (Cookies) on your computer/device.

Certain cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the site and to enable the use of certain technical features, thereby providing you with a satisfactory user experience. In order to use cookies that are not necessary for the use of the site but improve the services offered, we will request your approval. If you do not grant us consent to use certain cookies, you can continue browsing the site, but certain functionalities will not be available to you.

What is a Cookies?

Cookies are pieces of information stored on your computer or mobile device by the website you are accessing. Normally, cookies preserve your preferences and website settings, such as preferred language or address. Subsequently, when you revisit that website, the internet browser sends back the cookies to that page. This allows the website to display content in a personalized manner because, thanks to a cookie, the website remembers your actions and settings for a specified period. Each time a user opens a page, the web server reads the values previously stored in the cookie.

Cookies can store a wide range of information, including personal data. However, these data will only be used by cookies if you have given your consent. Web pages cannot access information that you have not provided and cannot access other files on your computer or mobile device.

How do you deactivate the Cookies?

When you first access the website, we will request your consent for the use of non-essential cookies. At any time, you can disable non-essential cookies, and they will no longer be stored on your computer or device. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your web browser.