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Step into the cozy Milk & Cookies Studio, your partner in crafting data-driven digital marketing solutions for your tech start-up. We’re not about grandiose claims or industry jargon; we’re about delivering #NoBS results, effective strategies that address your unique business challenges, and just the right implementation. With Milk & Cookies Studio, your path to success is a collaborative journey.

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Simple, efficient & effective is the motto we live by

We’ve been in the industry long enough to learn about all buzzwords, silver bullets, and outrageous revenue promises and to stay very far away from them. Because, you’ve guessed it, most are bogus.

We like to impress our clients with our solutions, not pretentious speeches. We’re big fans of smart & friendly work that actually solves real business problems for tech startups and SaaS companies. After working for some time in the tech niche we understand that the best and most creative solution is the one that helps you optimally reach your growth objectives while staying on budget.

While we have clear approaches, tools and services we’re great at, we’re always curious to learn and test new things as well as experiment with the latest tech to become even batter at what we do. 

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Claudiu Jojatu
Co-founder & Head of strategy

  • Self-made not-there-yet billionaire
  • SaaSy digital marketing strategist 
  • Race car driver

Cristina Tupiță

  • Simplification addict 
  • SaaSy copywriter & content writer
  • Handlettering enthusiast

Irina Botnari
Head of Communication

  • Travel aficionado
  • SaaSy social media expert
  • Organization focused

We are on a mission: To help tech companies grow and increase their chances of success by testing and making decisions based on data, not feelings.

As our client, you will always get advice and solutions based on numbers and the extensive experience we’ve gathered in the tech niche. You will only receive solutions we have previously tested at least on ourselves and have proven fruitful.

If you’re looking for a partner who will always be open and honest, we’re it. If you’re looking for a partner who understands the need for processes and procedures, we’re it. We’re all about no BS digital growth.

Just results that matter.

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And welcome to our cozy tech & SaaS growth studio.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or if you would like to discuss any of your challenges or ideas in depth.

You can contact us using this form on the right or you can give us an email at hello (at) milkandcookies (dot) studio.