Founders, marketing managers and sales leaders looking for high quality leads: Scale your tech business with great lead generation strategy. Get more of your ideal clients and grow your business.

1. We can help you build a growth engine for your tech company

Good Strategy Gets You In Front Of Your Ideal Customer Profile

Get a plan tailored to your business and approach your ideal customer in a way that sets you apart from your competition and increases a customer’s propensity to buy.

Predictable & Scalable Sales Processes Can Be Used Long Term

A process that is build on a good foundation can be adapted to fit the needs and the available resources of your SaaS. Always be in control of how many leads you get and when.

High Converting Sales Funnels & Copy Are Tailored To Your Brand

Find the channels that work best for your business and develop a voice that speaks the language of your potential customers. Create a narative that people can relate to and they will buy from you.

Automations And SOPs Improve Your Chances To Succeed

You will have a good understanding of what steps you need to take to get closer to the results you want. Grow your business intentionally and automate as much as possible so you can actually save some time.

It all starts with a  free LEAD GENERATION session!

Be in control of your SaaS revenue & profitability. Find out how the top 1% of founders grow their revenue every month while managing to develop their dream products and services.

2. Proven Results

Software development agency doubled their revenue in virtually no time

Our client is a brilliant software development agency with an amazing founder and a really talented team of 150+ developers. Their main goal is to always deliver and to become the technical partner behind quality software. They help our clients’ businesses take off and help them bring their ideas to life with a variety of software solutions.

Our client offers offshore staffing services and they ran their network dry so almost no new leads were going in. We worked with them to set their lead gen machine and in the first 3 months they signed 3 new 7-figures contracts.

They are using our lead generation strategy today to keep their pipeline open and nurture potential future clients. Not only have they doubled their revenue, but they have expanded their network by 500% and can scale their business in virtually no time.

3. See your company thrive, not just survive

Like any sane person, you want your SaaS to do good. You want that next round of financing. You want all customers to be happy and love your product. You want your product to evolve. And you want to do some good marketing. But there is just so much to do. 

Even if you know some tactics and tools to use, there is never a good time to set everything up. And when you finally get everything done, the results are not where they should be. 

Look, you’re not doing anything wrong. But figuring out yourself what delivers results can take a lot of time and errors you most likely can’t afford. 

You can bring some momentum to your revenue. You just need the proper system, the proper tools and the proper partners.

Put your offer in front of potential customers most inclined to buy. Build a clear marketing strategy and predictable lead generation process that focuses on critical metrics that align with your business.

4. The New vs. Old ways

The old marketing methods: Spray and pray

Get a stream of referrals from your personal network & former clients (This is your feast period.)

Run out of lead sources while servicing current clients

Experience long periods of time with no new clients (This is the famine period.)

Struggle to attract new clients with paid ads and content marketing and fail to see results

Struggle to get new clients with traditional cold outreach and fail to see any results

Start having serious doubts about yourself and your business

End up investing too much without any visible returns

The New Marketing Methods: Get targeted clients to come to you

Build the foundation of an efficient growth and lead generation system, starting with clearly defining your ideal customers

Get to know your clients very well and figure out which are most likely to buy your solution and what they best respond to

Develop specific, targeted strategies and messages that bring results

Create a simple, clear process to attract those ideal new clients

Build a lead generation process that can be easily managed by almost anyone on your team

5. We work best with

  • SaaS founders, CEOs and managing directors come to us for marketing solutions and lead generation processes that help their SaaS reach its objectives and KPIs, and increase conversion rate with the resources they currently have
  • Marketing directors and managers come to us to improve their SaaS strategy and tactics, as well as lead generation efforts. We also help them with process automations, content marketing and campaigns that convert.

6. Our sugar, spice and everything nice recipe

Flying blind in marketing and lead generation efforts rarely works to the advantage of a business, no matter how small that business is. Everything that’s been going on over the past years has shown everyone how important plans and procedures are. And this is what we work with. We develop processes and procedures that can be easily integrated into your SaaS and can be followed by almost anyone in your team.

01. Assessment, strategy & tactics design

If you want to get to a destination, you need a plan. In marketing, that plan is the strategy. We analyze your business and develop a realistic marketing solution to get you leads and position your brand as an expert. We always take into account your available resources.

02. Ecosystem Setup & Assumptions Testing

However big or small your SaaS is, you need a reliable solution to bring in constant quality leads and to have consistency in your content marketing efforts. We help you create that ecosystem and discover what works best for your company and customers.

03. Leads Generation & Conversion

Our approach always starts with a 3-month testing and adjusting period to make sure your budgets are spent with efficient ROI in the long run. This allows us to personalize everything and find the best tools to use, content types, and outreach methods to which your customers respond.

04. Nurturing leads and increasing propensity to buy  

Generating leads is never enough to close a sale, especially since not all your prospects are in the buying stage when we reach out. For this reason, we nurture every lead from their very first contact with your SaaS, increasing their propensity to reach out to you, not your competition, when they decide to buy.

Milk & Cookies brings results in a cozy setup focusing on simplifying and automating digital marketing and lead generation.