mReady, a mobile app development company in the tech industry, required M&C’s expertise for their marketing and expansion plans. They aimed to enter and grow in a new region by extending their mobile services. They needed professional guidance on generating new leads, increasing their brand awareness, and positioning themselves as experts in markets where their brand was relatively unknown.

The client

Our client is a Romanian-based tech & SaaS company with nearly 30 employees. They operate locally in multiple industries but were looking to expand their services internationally. Their key services include mobile strategy and consulting, design solutions, UX, and mobile development for both Android and iOS. The company has over 10 years of market presence and works with applications ranging from 10,000 to +1M monthly active users.

The challenge

The client’s process for acquiring new users was unclear, inconsistent, and lacking predictability, resulting in slow growth and challenges in generating new business opportunities in markets outside the local one, where they are already known and successful.

In addition, there was also a lack of clarity and synergy among team members involved in marketing, lead generation, and sales. Given the widespread nature of this issue, they required a partner with experience in lead generation and growth for B2B tech companies to guide them in the right direction.


We had a big job to do: we wanted to design a brand, marketing, and lead generation strategy to help mReady build trust, awareness, be seen as experts in the industry inside and outside of Romania, and ultimately generate business growth.

To do this, we needed to understand and map exactly who mReady should be aiming to sell to. This is also known as defining the ideal customer profile (for which, btw, we have an amazing 86 points matrix).

The next step was to find a good way to attract interested leads from countries where there are lots of tech start-ups. As part of our plan, we wanted to make sure we could get at least 2 new important customers each month.

On top of this, we guided them on how to position themselves in the market and communicate their message effectively. We improved their scripts and email strategies and taught them how to produce quality content. We also showed them how to use social media better to get their name out there. All of this was part of our plan to help mReady grow and become more successful.

The target

The target of our client consists of tech start-ups in the MVP, Seed, or Round A stages and entrepreneurial companies wanting to offer their services and products on mobile platforms. These companies are based in Western Europe and the USA and recognize the benefits and opportunities that mobile apps provide.

From a content consumption point of view, we identified three core typologies: the explorer, the planner, and the connector (you can find out more about our framework in this article)

Work process for the mReady strategy

We streamlined all processes to achieve our goals.

  1. We started with a detailed workshop that outlined a broad strategy. In this workshop, we shared helpful tips, explained marketing terms and concepts, and introduced useful tools.
  2. After the workshop, we set up four different funnels for testing:
    • a quiz funnel
    • a social media outbound funnel
    • a paid traffic sales funnel
    • a lead magnet funnel for immediate results
    • This testing phase helped us find the best methods suited to the client’s goals. Understanding the target audience was crucial for a long-term strategy.
  3. After testing for 3 months, we figured out what worked best and proceeded with a long-term strategy. We focused on making decisions based on data throughout the project. This included constant tracking and analysis of results, and adjusting the strategy based on measurable outcomes to keep it relevant and effective.

The solution

For this project, we implemented the following strategies:

Brand Strategy

We addressed the brand awareness issue by designing a strategy that positions our client as a supportive character in the customer’s journey, which gives the hero the tools and inspiration it needs to accept the call to adventure. In other words, the helper in their journey to turn their idea into a sustainable, performant, and profitable reality.

Inbound Lead Generation Strategy

Creating valuable and relevant content.

For the content strategy, we identified three types of content consumers and tailored specific content to their needs. Each consumption type has its own preferences and keywords. We then designed a content matrix to further define the personas and the content types for each.

Outbound Lead Generation

Paid traffic

We ran two types of campaigns: one to promote and generate traffic for content marketing (articles, case studies, and lead magnets), and another to drive traffic to the “Book a Call” page. We created a landing page with the CTA “book a page” and focused all communication efforts on this page.


We outlined the stages of our funnel and defined the social selling process for each step:

Step 1: Prospecting

Step 2: Nurturing

Step 3: Qualifying

Step 4: Triage Call

Step 5: Sell

The triage call step underscored the proactive nature of the outbound strategy, ensuring potential leads were effectively qualified and nurtured.

Overcoming the challenges


Our goal was to highlight the client’s strengths, making it a desirable partner for mobile & product development. We positioned the client as a supportive ally that assists in discovering, planning, strategizing, designing, and implementing their tech ideas.

We established the client’s communication style and interaction with their audience. These traits were reflected in their service delivery and content.

We created a brand archetype to set their brand apart, giving it a distinctive personality to connect with their target market. The dominant personality was the caregiver, suitable for a brand that aids others.

Communication and Timing

The client struggled with time constraints for internal project implementation, leading to added stress. Communication tasks were seen as an extra burden and were not prioritized over client projects. Hence, they looked for an external partner with substantial communication experience capable of aligning their projects and objectives with effective communication methods.


  • mReady increased the lead flow and sales calls, improving the success rate with 2.5%.
  • The client expanded its reach, with 1 out of 3 clients now from outside Romania.
  • Communication challenges both within and outside of the company have been resolved.

Our key takeaways from the mReady project

This project showed the importance of integrating brand and content strategies for effective business representation.

Success in lead generation depends on good collaboration between the client and the agency. By maintaining transparency with our clients, we delivered optimal results for their specific services and industry.

Lead generation crucially contributed to the client’s success. The initial challenges of unclear user acquisition processes and slow growth necessitated a strategic approach to generate interest and demand.

Despite initial communication issues, the client learned to prioritize public engagement, which significantly enhances brand positioning and customer outreach.

Additionally, a clear customer acquisition plan not only boosts lead generation, but also streamlines internal operations.

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