About This Project

For TEDxBucharest – 10th edition, under the theme “Crossing Boundaries,” a new communication strategy was implemented. This involved a brand audit and the creation of a communication matrix, mapping interaction typologies and micro-moments to deliver targeted content. The strategy led to the event selling out a week in advance, selling 250% more tickets than the previous year, and generating significant increases in website traffic, page views, and social media engagement.




The 10th edition was the first 2-day TEDxBucharest event in Romania. The organizer wanted a new strategic approach to their communication efforts, in order to grow the event.

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After a thorough brand audit, we developed a communication matrix. We mapped interaction typologies with communication ads (Explorer, Planner, Connector, Follower & Opportunist) and synchronised them with 3 key micro-moments (I want to know, I want to do, I want to buy) defining their expectations, pain points, channels and touchpoints.

This way we were able to communicate more efficiently, laser focused by creating dedicated specific content for each micro-moment and each typology. And „Because you don’t just happen” was born, the ultimate truth about Crossing Boundaries.

The event was sold-out one week before the starting date and sold 250% more tickets than the previous year.

The communication campaign generated: +24,95% more website traffic compared to the previous edition, +125,80% more page views, +76,52% more pages per session, more than 300 media mentions and 60.000+ unique engagements in Social Media.


  • Communication strategy
  • Communication concept
  • Campaign propagation implementation
  • PR & Influencer marketing
  • Social Media, content marketing & team management and implementation

Who’s behind the project:

Claudiu Jojatu as Digital Strategy Consultant

Cristina Tupita as Head of Creative

Got too much on your digital marketing plate?
We can help with that.