Today’s interview is with Patricia Zavacky, Marketing Manager of Linnify.

Patricia Zavacky is a highly versatile marketer who engages with clients and leads through a strategic approach. Her contribution to both marketing and sales exemplifies her adaptability and commitment to achieving Linnify’s organizational objectives. With a strong ability to create compelling narratives and a profound understanding of market dynamics, Patricia has quickly become a reliable part of Linnify’s Marketing and Sales Department.

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into marketing for tech? Were there any important events or people that helped you choose this path?

Starting my career in tech and SaaS marketing was a bit like stumbling onto an unexpected path. After finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Language Interpretation & Translation, and having just experienced a global quarantine, life seemed… a bit confusing to say the least.

However, I knew for certain that I wanted to try marketing but figuring out where to start was the tricky part. At that time, my only experience was creating and managing Via Transilvanica‘s Instagram account, together with one of my friends. We did a pretty good job then, managing to grow the account to more than 1K followers within the first month. 

Around the same time, my partner, was also working in marketing for tech, and encouraged me to try this, and was a great help in the beginning. 

As life has unexpected ways of unfolding, one thing led to another, and that same friend happened to also introduce me to Linnify, the place where I work now.

I knew very little about them at that time, I wasn’t either a huge tech fan or a futuristic visionary (thank you for hiring me though). However, they seemed to have a really amazing team, both very professional and fun at the same time, and it felt like they knew how to make things happen. 

So, despite my not-so-techy-self, I wanted to be part of their environment and I am so glad that I made it into the team. It was and still is one of the best career choices I ever made. The team got me interested in tech, startups, and business. Being in such a proactive and development-focused space, I  found myself eager to learn about anything and everything. 

Andra Farcau was the CMO at that time and she definitely was the mentor I needed in marketing. Despite having a small team, just myself and Teodora Istrati, we worked very in sync and really supported each other on every step of this journey. Catalin Briciu, our Co-CEO, has been not only a great teacher but a definitory person in my career journey.

Can you give us an overview of Linnify, including the mission, the problems it aims to solve, who the ideal customer profile is, and what sets you apart in today’s super competitive market?

Linnify is a digital product studio that specializes in building tech products with a focus on scalability and success in Health, Education, Wellbeing, and Sustainability. Our mission is to keep our partners committed to their success, at each step of the journey, while simplifying life through innovation.

What sets us apart is the fact that we follow a validation-driven approach to product development and have developed a proprietary process for early-stage startups or spinoffs called the “Essential Validation Playbook”. 

This unique process helps them reach a problem-solution fit faster and more efficiently, allowing for a more streamlined product development journey.

One other thing would be our amazing team of experts, where everybody is dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions that meet the needs of the market. They work closely with each customer to understand their unique value proposition and build solutions that can truly deliver on it.

When we look at our ICP, we are fully equipped to support in their journey anyone from startup founders (in early or late stages) through product validation and complete software product development, to large companies through corporate innovation and GenAI applications.

Marketing strategies can vary significantly across different industries and stages of a company. Based on your experience, what marketing strategies have been most effective for Linnify and how have these evolved as your company has grown?

When I joined Linnify, almost three years ago, the team was in the early stages of having a marketing strategy. 

Building strong educational content (articles, white papers, case studies, etc.) was our initial step to position Linnify as top of mind for our ICP and increase our thought leadership.

Looking back, focusing on such content, despite our limited resources, was one of the best strategic moves we could have made. People began to see us as experts and we built a large library of resources for both our clients and new leads.

Nowadays, after we’ve done a bit of everything in terms of outbound and inbound marketing, I still believe keeping our audience informed and engaged has been key and it’s a strategy that continues to serve us well.

Digital marketing has many tactics, channels, formats, etc. Can you tell us how you choose the best ones for Linnify? How do you decide where to put your efforts for the best ROI?

    Any marketing strategy must be done with the audience in mind. And that means knowing your ideal client profile (ICP) as well as you can. 

    For me, the game changer was getting as close as possible to our ICP. This journey began with conducting review interviews with our clients to discuss our collaboration. Gradually, I transitioned to participating in sales calls alongside Catalin, our co-CEO.

    Joining these sales calls was a revelation. It placed me directly in conversation with our ICP, allowing me to witness firsthand the way they talk, their objections, and their concerns. These interactions were incredibly insightful, offering a wealth of information that was for me … a gold mine.

    If you could change one thing about digital marketing, what would it be and why? How do you think this change could improve strategies, processes, or outcomes for the industry?

    One thing I would like to change is the perception businesses have toward digital marketing. 

    Success in this field isn’t instant; there’s no universal magic formula that works for everyone. Achieving a top-ranking position and becoming the preferred choice in the market demands both time and patience.

    What does “success” look like for Linnify?

    For Linnify, “success” is achieved when our clients bring their digital products from idea to market with a solid validated foundation. It’s about turning authentic ideas into scalable solutions that meet real market needs, ensuring these products are not just built but are embraced by users and ready for growth. 

    Success is marked by the transformation of complex challenges into opportunities for innovation, particularly in the Health, Education, Wellbeing, and Sustainability sectors. It’s seeing these products make a significant impact on people’s lives, simplifying and improving it through technology. 

    What trends do you currently see shaping the marketing industry, especially within the tech sectors? How are these trends influencing your marketing strategies and decision-making processes?

    AI, of course.

    When leveraged smartly and efficiently, AI can significantly streamline and accelerate many processes. However, knowing how to use it is crucial, as is maintaining a careful balance to preserve the human touch—an aspect I believe is vitally important.

    Reflecting on your journey in digital marketing, what is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned that you would pass on to someone just starting out in this field?

    You don’t have to have lots of resources to create a successful strategy. Even with limited means, you can deliver tremendous value by deeply understanding your target audience. Every decision should be made with their needs and preferences at the forefront.

    On the more human side of things, find people that inspire you and reach out. Find mentoring programs. Marketing, particularly within the tech industry, can be a lonely place at times as the significance of marketing efforts is often underestimated or overlooked. Surrounding yourself with supportive and inspiring people can make all the difference.

    In your opinion, what’s the best book in the world: 

    I don’t know about the best book in the world, but The Challenger Sale is a book that shifted my marketing-mindset and improved the way we thought through our content strategy.

    About Linnify

    Linnify is a digital product studio that specializes in building tech products with a focus on scalability and success in Health, Education, Wellbeing, and the Future of Work, all underpinned by a commitment to sustainability.

    The company follows a validation-driven approach to product development and has developed a proprietary process for early-stage startups or spinoffs called the “Essential Validation Playbook”. 

    This unique process helps them reach a problem-solution fit faster and more efficiently, allowing for a more streamlined product development journey.

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