What is an MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead

MQL marketing qualified lead

What is an MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead

If you own a SaaS startup or business, you may experience high volumes of visitors coming to check out your products. While this is a very good spot to find yourself in, it is also a tight one, as you have to determine which of them are just casual onlookers, and which are serious buyers. Establishing a marketing strategy to help sort out your potential customers will require you to use MQL as one of your tools.

Definition of Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a solid lead identified by the marketing department and believed to have a higher chance of becoming a customer than other leads. This conclusion is based on factors like the number of websites visited, content downloaded, interaction with social media postings, and CTAs clicked.
A lead becomes an MQL, then an SQL as they progress down the funnel, eventually becoming a customer (hopefully).

As we said, if a lead progresses to an MQL, it has been thoroughly verified by the marketing team. To put it another way, the marketing team analyzes whether sales have a strong possibility of nurturing and successfully converting a certain lead into a customer. If the sales team agrees with the marketing team and believes they have a strong probability of turning an MQL into a client, the MQL becomes a sales qualified lead (SQL).

Marketing has several possible touchpoints with prospects, target audience, and leads, whether through a social post, content offer, in-person or virtual event, landing page, podcast, blog post, subscription, or ad.
The engagement data found (and, if possible, contact data) is critical to the success of your SaaS. It is the ability of your marketing team to quickly sort through these leads to get the most qualified leads in line with your company’s criteria.

After MQLs have been identified by your marketing department or the agency your work with, they can be forwarded to the sales team. This helps sales navigate the early stages of their duties (such as discovering and prospecting) by providing leads that their marketing colleagues believe are viable.
After that, sales conduct their independent qualification process to select the top-tier prospects from the list of MQLs.

This saves salespeople time and also ensures that both teams are on the same page about who your buyers are, what type of marketing material attracts the proper prospects, and more.
Setting precise MQL criteria ensures that your sales team receives only the best quality leads. Setting these procedures is also beneficial because it aids marketing in determining the types of marketing resources, offers, and content that would perform best with your target demographic. To put it another way, implementing solid MQL criteria benefits both marketing and sales.

A crucial part of MQL’s success, as already noted, is the process of having constant communication and congruence between the sales and marketing departments. Without sales alignment, marketing will not be able to target or discover high-quality leads. Without marketing’s assistance, sales will not have access to MQLs.


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