1. Brand Strategy

For more insights over our Digital Branding process, please visit this page: https://milkandcookies.studio/services-digital-branding/

2. Demand Generation Strategy

Demand generation strategy is the secret sauce for driving awareness and demand for SaaS & Tech products and services. It helps to create buzz, expand reach, drive traffic, and ultimately increase the customer base by turning interest into action. It also enables the creation of a predictable pipeline, from marketing leads to marketing qualified leads to sales leads, by moving prospective clients through the buyer’s journey until they convert.

3. Lead Generation Strategy

Flying blind in your lead generation efforts rarely works to the advantage of a business, no matter how big or small that business is. Everything that’s been going on over the past years has shown everyone how important plans and procedures are, especially when it comes to such competitive field like lead generation for SaaS & tech companies. And this is what we work with. We develop strategies, processes, and procedures that can be easily integrated into your SaaS and can be followed by almost anyone in your team.

4. Social Media Strategy

This is rather simple-ish. Simply put, a social media strategy is a plan of how to maximise engagement and interactions across social media to achieve the growth objectives. These objectives may be to generate leads, improve brand awareness or create authority in the field.

5. Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to get the most out of your content marketing activities you need a clear strategy

6. Product Launch Strategy

A product launch strategy refers to a deliberate plan to introduce a new product into the market. The objective of many businesses is to quickly gain momentum and growth with their new product. The process of launching a product involves various steps, actions, and individuals. And our goal is to make it as easy and efficient as possible. We know the struggles any SaaS & Tech team member go through before launching a product. We will take care of the digital marketing aspects so you can focus on the product.

7. Our Proven Strategy Design Process for SaaS & Tech Companies

Project planning & first tests we will do before the strategy is delivered

You will get access to a Google Drive where you will find everything we create for you.

First thing you will get is a detailed excel file with the project planning, stages, steps and status for each of them that we will update weekly. This way you will see at all times how the project is progressing.

You will also get a detailed process designed to find – connect – nurture – convert potential clients.

Market, competition, and internal resources & channels research

A comprehensive audit where we will research & map the market, the competition and the status quo inside the company, in terms of marketing & communication.

You will get a detailed file where we map out the audit & research as detailed as possible, so you can take action as soon as possible;⁠

We look at a comprehensive list of touchpoints like:

  • Brand messages, Descriptors & marketing narratives
  • Inspiration points
  • What they do and how do they explain it
  • The demand generation execution
  • The sales execution and the lead generation execution
  • Marketing & Sales funnels (if publicly available)
  • Any other information we need to do the right demand generation for our clients

Ideal Customer Profile mapping

The IDEAL group of people that your brand is targeting, or hoping to attract, as customers

To design the ideal customer profile we use a detailed excel file where we map out the profiles as detailed as possible

This file helps you better understand who the client is, what needs and pains they have and how we cater to them.

We look over things like:

  • Industry or company type combined with the job function
  • ICP Description & Customer Persona
  • Company details like: Company size, Location, Age of company, Team size, Annual revenue, Budgets, Experience and many others
  • Demographics like: Location, Ocupation, Income, Education, Family Status, Lifestyle, Values, Interests & Hobbies, Opinions, Ways of thinking, Desires, Challenges and many others

Product Definition Matrix

If we want to be performant in terms of digital branding, lead generation, demand generation, we will need to create a clear system to show exactly how the product is seen by the clients, what value it creates and how it achieves it’s value proposition.

We design a clear product definition system that combines elements like:

  • Basic product assets: Brand Name, Brand Claim, Website (or websites if required for sub-products or cold outreach), Call-to-actions, Social media channels
  • Product description, Product branding and positioning, Brand promise, Brand essence, Brand Personality
  • Core customers
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Marketing Model Canvas
  • Core Customers
  • Mindshare
  • Services or Products and Customer matrix
  • Value creation & Catalytic mechanisms
  • Differentiators
  • Revenue Streams
  • Hero’s Journey & Brand Archetype
  • Censydiam Mapping
  • Tone of Voice
  • any other materials we need to have a clear and performant Product Definition System

Strategy Design

The strategy design deliverables are custom-made for each client, but it includes things like:

  • Strategic approach
  • Gap Definition Formula: Problem → Impact → Value proposition → Services
  • Strategy
  • Lead Flow Architecture: How we get customers from Stranger to Interested to Qualified to Client to Ambassador
  • Funnels Architecture: From Marketing Lead to Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Lead to Sales Qualified Lead
  • Push vs Pull vs Educate vs Entertain tactics
  • Clear & traceable tactics and actions
    • Content Creation Matrix
    • Social Media Mix
  • KPIs & Control parameters

Actionable Deliverables

Regardless you will continue implementing the strategy with us or you will implement it in a hybrid way (Us together with your team) or you decide to implement the strategy fully in-house, you will get everything you need to start your projects right away:

  • Briefs
  • Scripts
  • Templates
  • Clear SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

8. For whom it is?

  • Company type
    • SaaS & Tech startups that are just getting started
    • SaaS & Tech companies that are looking for a new way to scale
    • SaaS & Tech companies that are launching a new product or service
    • Software development agencies who want to grow
  • Functions in the company
    • SaaS Owners and upper managers work with us to hit a SaaS marketing strategy real KPIs, reduce buyer journey friction and increase conversion rates.
    • Marketing Leaders: Marketing leaders and their departments work closely with our amazing team to improve SaaS digital marketing strategies, tactics, improve processes, and drive growth through demand generation and lead generation activities, on a monthly retainer or one-time projects.
  • How do you know you this will work?
    • You will benefit if:
      • You’re looking for long-term sustainable growth
      • You’re willing to invest in performance marketing over several months or year
      • You have funding or budget to fund an ongoing partnership
      • You want a partner who will create and drive the marketing strategy from planning and creating to production and promotion
    • We’re Probably Not a Fit
      • You want quick, overnight results
      • Your decisions are based on a hunch, not real data
      • You want low-quality, mass-produced and cheap content
      • Your goals include shady, black/gray-hat hacks


  • Give us all the information in the discovery part. It might look like it’s taking a bit more in the beginning, but it will save a lot of time and friction later on;
  • We know you are super busy most of the times, so we are here to help you, not to put extra stress on you and your team. That’s why it is important to let us know early on what we can do to make your life easier.


  • Too many people giving feedback on the same material.
  • Not having clear objectives and quantifiable results set at the beginning of the project