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A tried and tested recipe to get more clients and potentially double your income.

Simplify and organize client acquisition, win more clients and never have to accept a project just because you’re out of money.


What is

The Happy Freelancer Model?

The Happy Freelancer Model is a tried and tested approach to get your freelance business unstuck and to start growing. This model allows you to get your freelancing to the next level without buying email lists, SEO, dozens of Paid Ads, or feeling like an impostor. You’re going to learn how to get clients in a unique, stress free and enjoyable way without traditional cold outreach that no one reads, or responds to. You will be able to attract and upsell clients with bigger budgets over and over again. Doesn’t it sound good?

The Happy Freelancer Model is your shortcut

Before we created The Happy Freelancer Model we were struggling with our freelance businesses. In fact the both of us were on the verge of giving up. We were working 15 hours a day and we kept hitting the same dead-end. Firstly, we had only so many hours in a day and it felt like we had no chance to ever scale our revenue up.

How do you find time for sales and outreach when your schedule is filled with working on project tasks?

We have both worked in agencies before and we sold projects for shameless amounts of money for them as one of their best strategists and copywriters. We thought we could easily do it on our own. But despite knowing how to sell to international companies and working as a team for some time, we couldn’t even get a single new meeting for our own business.

We got ourselves a deal we never signed up for. So we started questioning everything. We tore everything down and started over.

After a couple years of trial-and-error, testing everything and figuring things out the hard way, we’ve finally reached a point where we are attracting, and converting high revenue clients. And we enjoy the full fruits of our efforts.

Now, you have the opportunity to duplicate our entire client acquisition system we built by getting The Happy Freelancer Model course.

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$54 $27 for a limited time

Here’s what you’re getting with

The Happy Freelancer Model for only $27

Develop a simple and clear value proposition to use across your channels and make it really easy for clients to understand what you do and for whom.

Get our ENTIRE sales process framework we use to sign Premium clients. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Steal our exact formula that we use to transform conversations into conversions and always be in control of the sale.

Inside this kit you'll learn why you should become a Brief Maker vs A Brief Taker and be a negotiation master that prices the client, not the job. You'll never undersell your services again.

You decide how fast or slow you learn and implement our process. The material is split into chapters you can work on every day or every week, depending on how much time you have available.

You will have a plan to follow with clear checklists and things to do. Even if you are not an expert in lead generation and sales you will be able to implement this system that will get you more of the right clients.

This Happy Freelancer Model is unlike any method you’ve heard of before

You’re getting access to the process we’ve been using to get high value clients. The process, the scripts, the templates are all there. The ebook will be updated periodically based on new findings and tactics, so be sure to check back in or keep an eye on your email.

We don’t focus on sending cold emails
We don’t focus on running paid ads
We don’t focus on pillar blog posts or SEO
​We don’t focus on referrals
We don’t focus on webinars


$54 $27 for a limited time

the happy freelancer growth

Use a fresh model

that combines personalisation with automation to find the clients of your dreams and help you grow your freelance business to over $4.000 per month.

This is something completely different and it has the power to change everything for you. We know that’s true. Because it changed everything for us.

The Happy Freelancer Model allowed us to get rid of 99% of all the #BS that we hated when it comes to growing a freelance business to over $5.000 per month:

  • Spending hours a day posting on social media;
  • Going broke without referrals;
  • ​​Wasting money on inefficient paid ads;
  • Going to networking events on a hope.

THE Old Methods

Is your life looking anything like this?

The New Methods

You can change your life with The Happy Freelancer Model. Dive in any time you want!

Become a Happy Freelancer.


$54 $27 for a limited time

Don’t chase clients.

Become actively and passively attractive

The biggest A-HA moment for us was when we realised that the agency style selling process was completely wrong for us. We figured out that things were very different for freelancers. We found out the hard way that we needed to find a way to “make up” for no longer having the perception of coming from a large, established agency.

We had to become attractive to any high quality client that looked at our brand. But we also had to find a way to actively attract clients through outreach in a way that combines deep personalisation with the possibility of automation.

We found a way. And we had to share it with other freelancers too. Because there are many great specialists who struggle with getting high paying clients simply because agencies have the upper hand. Agencies invest bigger budgets in ads, they have whole departments who reach out to potentials, they have teams dedicated to proactive ideas to pitch to potential clients. How can you compete with that level of resources?

The Happy Freelancer Model has everything you need to know about creating a sales process that brings in good business