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They trusted the Cozy Milk&Cookies Way...

Who is Milk & Cookies?

Most tech startups find Milk&Cookies Studio when they’re struggling to grow their leads and build a efficient & effective lead generation strategy. The problem they almost always have is they focus too much on building the product and they have too little time to generate leads, do proper digital marketing & grow. And for some of them this means it is harder to raise enough money or to bootstrap their business.

Milk&Cookies Studio has help 50+ of B2B Saas companies, software development agencies and large tech enterprises, not only get over this bump, but go onto a more predictable and constant growth.

If you’re worried about not generating enough leads and not doing a good enough digital marketing and want to grow your tech company, why not book a call with Milk&Cookies Studio today?


this is how

Your Business Will Grow...

- Discover business and sales opportunities, set SMART Objectives
- Funnels strategy
- Marketing & brand strategy
- Lead Generation strategy and tactics

- Lead magnets
- Landing pages focused on conversion
- Social Media sales post plans
- Create consistent brand look & feel across channels

- Start relationships with prospects
- Nurture existing leads
- Create meaningful touchpoints
- Discover valuable data to use in future efforts

- Efficient prescoring
- Personalized messages most likely to get responses
- Focus on quality over quantity
- Relevant and valuable approach

Our Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice Recipe

Flying blind is not smart. 2020 has shown everyone how important plans and procedures are. And this is what we work with. We develop processes and procedures that can be easily integrated in your business and can be followed by anyone in your team.

01. Assessment, Strategy & Tactics Development

If you want to get to a destination, you need a plan. In marketing, this plan is the strategy. We start by taking a good look at your business and developing a realistic solution to get you leads. We take into account your available resources.

02. Ecosystem Setup & Assumptions Testing

No matter how big or small your tech company is, you need a proven and reliable system to bring in quality leads on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your sales cycle. We create that system and discover what works best for your company and customers.

03. Leads Generation & Conversion

You can be getting 100 leads a day, but if there’s no system in place for these leads to become your paying customers, you’re simply leaving the money on the table.

04. The “Simmer Plan” Deployment

Set up a system to ensure you’re still getting leads even when you’ve won lots of clients. This will ensure consistency, it will ensure that you’ll never again go through feast & famine periods in your business.

Milk & Cookies brings results in a cozy setup focusing on simplifying and automating digital marketing & lead generation.