Customer Engagement Touchpoints: meaning and importance for a SaaS

Customer Engagement Touchpoints

Customer Engagement Touchpoints: meaning and importance for a SaaS

There’s no doubt that customer engagement is key to a successful business. And we might say there’s a lot of buzz about customer engagement touchpoints (or you can simply call them customer touchpoints) lately.

But what are customer engagement touchpoints?

And more importantly, why do they matter so much?

Simply put, customer engagement touchpoints are the points of contact between your business and your customers.

They can be through any number of channels – from ads on TV, radio, print, online, and billboards to social media, website, email, content marketing, funnels, retargeting, phone calls, recommendations, and any other media on which the customer interacts with some element of your company, brand, product or SaaS.

Customer engagement touchpoints are micro-moments when prospects and customers come in contact with your brand and it is a specially crafted process that aims to build and maintain a strong relationship with customers and prospective customers.

This process involves creating clear touchpoints, in a logical order that put together creates a flow, increases brand awareness, interest, and a better understanding of one’s business and value proposition.

By understanding and managing customer engagement touchpoints, you can create a more positive experience for your customers and improve the performance of your user acquisition. Each touchpoint should be considered an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between your company and your customers.

As a general rule, more touchpoints = better brand recall.

Better brand recall combined with a lot of value created before the actual sales proposition actually happens = higher chances to convert to a demo or free account for your SaaS and then to convert them into paying clients. Basically, a good mapping of the customer engagement touchpoints can lead to a better monthly or annual recurring revenue, and a lower churn rate.


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