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Soleadify Branding – Logo & Visual Language


Client: Soleadify

Soleadify is a new-age data provider with unprecedented coverage of SMBs, accurate classification, and in-depth insights based on real-time updates.


Project: Branding



Always driven by the complexity of AI and Machine Learning, they build more efficient ways of getting more data and getting more out of it. Urged on reliability and completeness, their datasets have yet to be beaten in terms of accuracy and classification by industry mammoths.

Their main issue as a brand was the lack of a logo to reflect their identity and services. This was stopping them from taking full advantage of lead generation campaigns and from enjoying the benefits of content marketing.



We created a brand identity and logo that can best represent the company and reflect their data’s main qualities (volume, veracity, velocity, variety). As a company that works with high-profile businesses, we needed a solution that looks serious and reliable but approachable at the same time. Our solution was based on a calligraphic “s” and a very dependable triangle shape. Thus the Soleadify logo was created.



Branding consultancy


Visual identity


Who’s behind the project:

Claudiu Jojatu as Digital Strategy Consultant

Cristina Tupita as Head of Creative


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