ROTAC | Romanian Time Attack Challenge

About This Project

Romanian Time Attack Challenge


Client: ROTAC is the first time attack championship in Romania.


Project: Digital communication strategy.



At that moment this type of motorsport had very low awareness and people had the wrong idea about the costs involved. It was seen as a very elitist, dangerous and expensive sport. We had to change that.



We defined the objectives based on 4 pillars: Increasing the community and brand awareness for the time attack motorsport discipline, bringing in new fans and drivers, attracting partners and sponsors, educating passionate people.

We made the switch in terms of communication from „racers” to „Event and experience designers”. It is not just a race, but an experience and a hub where you spend time with your friends and peers and you get to practice your passion in a safe, fair-play and affordable way.

We designed the strategy to cover the next 3 years, in multi-steps. The first step is to draw attention and create interest (2019) and then to generate desire and action (2020 and 2021).



Brand & business audit

Communication strategy

Brand positioning and communication guidelines


Who’s behind the project:

Claudiu Jojatu & Cristina Tupita


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