Motivation Foundation | #PEBUNE (#ForReal?) Campaign

About This Project

#PeBune? Campaign for Motivation Foundation


Client: The Motivation Foundation fights daily for the rights of disabled people.


Project: Awareness campaign.



In Romania many drivers take advantage of disability parking spaces. This means that the actual disabled people have to park somewhere else. And it’s usually far away from where they need to be.



We created the hashtag #PEBUNE? (#ForReal?) for Motivation Foundation. We asked people if they really-really need that place. Because disabled people don’t want it, but they need it.

The campaign went viral fast. People responded well to the tone and approach of the campaign and a lot of retailers and businesses joined the movement: IKEA, Mega Image, Mega Mall, Coresi and many many more. Thanks to them and their clients, the campaign spread like wildfire in social media. Soon after the start of the campaign, disability parking spaces bearing the campaign visuals were empty once more and awaiting those that really need them.

The estimated reach of the campaign is 1.5 million people with 750 EUR budget invested.



Campaign concept

Communication strategy


Who’s behind the project:

Claudiu Jojatu as part of the volunteering team working with Motivation Foundation


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