Alege Asumat | Branding for British American Tobacco

About This Project

Alege Asumat | Branding for British American Tobacco


Client: Daescu Bortun Olteanu PR Agency for British American Tobacco Romania.


Project: Branding, logo design, identity system, creative campaign materials.



British American Tobacco created a branch dedicated to developing local social and commercial responsibility projects. However, they wanted an identity under which to run all their programs as opposed to creating a new logo for each future project.



The vast rage of their future projects inspired us to create a modular logo that can be used across the brand’s platforms. The main logo features the brand’s icon reimagined as an integrated part that fuses with the type. The typography is clean and simple and allows for different lengths depending on the project’s name.

The identity system features color coding for each type of project, chosen according to importance and typology. For example, commercial projects feature the color red as they are high impact endeavors. While environmental projects featured the color green that is standard color coding for environmental endeavors.



Branding consultancy

Logo design

Identity system


Who’s behind the project:

Claudiu Jojatu as Digital Strategy Consultant

Cristina Tupita as Head of Creative


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