Activist 24/7 Social Project by CeRe: Resource Center for Public Participation

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Activist 24/7 Social Project by CeRe


Client: CeRe: Resource Center for Public Participation for Activist 24/7 platform.


Project: Digital branding & website concept, design and implementation for Activist 24/7.

Activist 24/7 is a platform developed by the NGO CeRe (Resources Center for Public Participation). To have an impact in any public participation or in any protest the key is in the numbers: As many people as possible to gather and protest. Activist24/7 aims to put together the causes, NGOs and people who want to get involved in the activist life.



Make Activist24/7 a place that brings people together for the common goal of changing the society we live in and make volunteering as accessible as possible for everybody.



We created a strong brand positioning and a logo design that is easy to understand. By using the shield shaped letter “A” we aimed to empower volunteers and other NGO’s to get involved and fight for their rights.

The logo was designed as simple as possible in order for anybody to be able to print it, paint it or use it as a stencil to make a statement.

To enable as many people as possible and help everybody to interact with the platform, we simplified the homepage by having only 2 options: “I want to volunteer” & “I need volunteers”. This way anybody could use it, simple and fast, regardless the demographics and digital skills.

Our focus was to help people achieve their purpose and make a difference in the local society. Easy, fast, empowering and easy to use. Because not everybody has good digital skills, but almost everybody wants to get involved in local issues.



Project audit

Branding (strategy, positioning, logo design & identity design)

Platform strategy and technical specs

UX, UI & WordPress implementation


Who’s behind the project:

Claudiu Jojatu


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