Our digital branding process | Milk & Cookies Studio
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Branding process

Our digital branding process

Because inspiration doesn’t just happen, we believe that a strong digital branding process enables our partnership to deliver the best results possible.

  • Discover

  • Understand

  • Test & Clarify

  • Solution design

  • Deploy


We discover the perceived problem, the desired solution, the right customer segmentation and the right objectives. We define your business model and customer persona, we uncover any relevant data.

Branding process 1
Branding Process 2

Research and Understand

We research your brand and competition, the market, market trends and consumer behaviour as well as the needs. Empathy is crucial in finding the correct insights.

We understand your primary and secondary audience and the most relevant insights.

Map and Define

We map every aspect of your brand and needs, we question everything, we challenge the status quo, we validate every finding with you.

We define the approach, tactics and actions, we link them to objectives and KPIs. Our aim is to deliver the best results throughout our digital branding process.

Validate assumptions

We validate assumptions together before we start crafting a solution. We want to be on the same page every step of the way. We develop a feasible timeline and craft a realistic budget.

Solution Design

We design the best solution for your brand and a good presentation. We all know what a downer a bad ppt can be.


After we have everything in order, we deploy the best solution for your brand.

Wanna talk digital?