Our content design and branding process | Milk & Cookies Studio
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This is how we work

Our digital branding and communication design process

Inspiration doesn’t just happen. A strong content design and branding process enables our partnership to deliver the best results for your digital brand.






Test & Clarify


Solution design & deploy

Branding Process 1


We discover the client's perspective

Our content design process begins with a comprehensive brief about your business and brand, mission, objectives and other relevant information for content design and digital branding. In this step we do a workshop where we uncover relevant information, get on the same page about the brand needs and the digital environments requirements. We define the business model, the right customer segmentation and customer persona and the right objectives.
We discover where the brand is and where it wants to go.

Branding Process 2


We understand the status quo

We research and understand your brand and business ecosystem through our own means. As part of our content design process, we look at your communication channels, your communication efforts and the perceived brand image as well as consumer interactions. We analyse the market, market trends and consumer behaviour as well as their needs. Empathy is crucial in finding the correct insights that will later lead to relevant content design.
Unbiased research helps us understand what is stopping your brand from reaching its goals.


We validate the assumptions and insights

This is where we draw some conclusions and extract relevant insights. We talk them over and make sure they are in line with your brand needs and desires. While it may seem like a trivial step in the content design process, it is the most important. Clarifying is the key the starting point in building a good strategy which then leads to a valuable content design solution.
Defining the approach, tactics and actions and linking them to objectives and KPIs are also a part of this step. Our aim is to deliver the best results through our content design and branding process.
After we validate assumptions together, we start crafting a solution. And before any work is done, we craft a realistic timeline and budget.


Also known as THE COOL PART

All previous efforts lead to the solution design phase. Depending on the needs identified, there are several steps:
1. Brand strategy – where we develop the best approach for the brand and plan tactics and actions. This is where we map the ideal brand ecosystem and choose relevant metrics.
2. Next in the content design process is the content strategy which dictates what type of content goes where and in what format.
3. Then follows the creative strategy which dictates how the content will be developed. It includes tone of voice, brand message, visual language, semantics and other details to humanize the brand and its interaction with consumers.
The solution design results in a blueprint for your brand. If followed, it translates into a coherent and constant presence in digital and into reached objectives.


We put beauty in the solution

Creative is where the content design process comes to life. It turns the strategy into words and images that are easily understood by consumers. It includes logo design or redesign, slogan, brand manual and other branding materials. Creative also includes setting up Social Media platforms and the website or refreshing existing ones in terms of text and images.
Campaign concepts and materials are developed int his step as well.


ALLLL ABOARD! We are ready for the trip

After we have everything in order, we deploy the best solution for your brand. We take all plans and materials developed during the solution design and creative steps and we make them happen.

Wanna talk digital?