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Does a subscription based approach to digital marketing really work for B2B tech companies?

And we say this after we've teamed up with over 50 tech companies, big and small, and helped them tackle real-world digital marketing challenges head-on.

Tailor-made for marketing mavericks: We know the drill. Marketing needs can be unpredictable, budgets are always tight, and keeping up with everything is like running a marathon in flip-flops. Our subscription plans help with shifting priorities and needs.

Doing more with less: Gone are the days when the only options were hiring an entire in-house team or signing with a traditional agency. You can get top-tier marketing firepower without the heavy artillery costs.

Focus on what matters: For your team to do great work, they need the time. So offload the routine tasks to us and free your team to focus on the big, bold business goals that truly matter.


How it works:

Jumping into our subscription service is as easy as 1-2-3, literally. We have a clear process, clear procedures and a great team to deliver with. Everything is designed to make your life simpler and your digital marketing needs fully covered.

Here’s how we get the ball rolling:


1. Subscribe

First up, choose your digital marketing subscription plan and say hello to predictable pricing. We’ll set up a call to get to know each other, walk through the onboarding steps together, and align on the big picture and strategy. Making sure we’re on the same page right from the start helps with efficiency.


2. Request

Got a task for us? Simply fill out a quick brief to let us know what you need. These briefs are super important. They give us all the deets we need to tailor our deliverables just for you. Whether it’s good content, tactics, strategies, funnels, lead magnets or content planning, consider us on it.


3. Receive

And just like that, we get to work and deliver what you asked for. We’re all about open communication and delivering quality, so if there’s anything that needs tweaking, we’ll take care of it. Once you’re happy, that’s another project wrapped up and done while your team works on other important tasks.


There's freedom in a good digital marketing partnership

We understand that for your team to truly shine, they need space and time. It’s something that’s quite lacking in marketing lately, especially in the tech industry where everything is moving incredibly fast. We’ve seen this often in our partnerships with clients. So we designed a subscription-based approach to digital marketing.

This is the simplest way to lift the burden of routine tasks off your shoulders and have your brightest minds focus on more important things. Our service is all about providing flexible, scalable support without the constraints of traditional marketing retainers.


Life in tech is not always predictable. There are some things you can plan for and some you can’t no matter how much you’d like to. We’ve got you covered for both scenarios. Our flexible model means we can adapt without having to renegotiate the fine print every time something changes.


Markets change, and so do opportunities. One month it’s all about making a splash on social media, the next it’s about rolling out insightful blog articles or redoing the strategy. Our agile approach means you can shift focus on the fly, keeping your marketing as dynamic as your business.


Internal teams are great. But what if you don’t have to budget to hire for all the positions you need? And is there enough work for full-time commitments? With us you get the skills you need without the overhead and hassle of building an in-house team from scratch.


You will work with marketers who live and breathe B2B tech. We’ve seen it, done it, and gotten the T-shirts. This means we know exactly how to tailor our work to push your company forward and simplify your digital marketing life. It’s what we’ve been doing for years.


Our packages:

Choosing beforehand the type of services you might need during the year might work for enterprises that plan the next year well ahead of time. Having next year’s strategy and planning done and approved by the end of November can be tough for some companies in tech regardless their size. So on top of our regular retainers and services, we’ve rolled out 3 on-demand digital marketing packages for B2B companies who prefer flexibility. 

These packages include everything we’re good at and more. From strategy to content marketing, demand generation, lead generation and branding. From copy to design and even web development.


If you're just starting up
$1500Per Month
  • Monthly call



  • One (1) request open at a time 


  • Monthly Task Management 


  • Basic Report 


+ See everything you get
If you are ready to scale faster
$2700Per Month
  • Bi-weekly call  
  • Two (2) requests open at a time  
  • Weekly task management  
  • Basic reports  
  • Basic progress report  
+ See everything you get
If you want it all
$3800Per Month
  • Weekly call




  • Monthly strategy call - get help with strategic challenges


  • Four (4) requests open at a time


  • Dashboard for real-time task management


  • Comprehensive report


+ See everything you get

What types of services are included in a monthly digital marketing subscription solution?

A monthly digital marketing subscription, or what’s often referred to as digital marketing as a service solution, is all about providing convenience and flexibility. It’s a comprehensive support system that caters to all your marketing needs.

With this service, you don’t have to worry about the complexities of managing various marketing tasks. You can focus on your core business while the marketing experts handle your day to day needs. This service is designed to adapt and evolve according to your business needs, providing you with a flexible and convenient solution to your digital marketing tasks.


Here’s a breakdown of what you can look forward to:

  • Social media content and management: Includes crafting posts to support your objectives, hashtag research and profile recommendations. This way you solve the challenge of having a constant and consistent presence on social media. We can even help schedule all this content to simplify your life further.
  • SEO Content creation: This includes creating optimized blog post to help your website get more visits, based on keyword research.
  • Knowledge focused content creation: This is the type of content created to show your expertise and offer valuable information to your readers. Unlike SEO focused articles that are essential for getting your website higher up in search results, value focused content is the type of content that keeps readers coming back to your blog.
  • Funnels support: It includes funnel planning as well as crafting content for specific landing pages.
  • Lead magnet creation: This is a comprehensive task where we help you write the content and design lead magnets to use in your digital marketing efforts.
  • Email Marketing: Engage your audience directly in their inbox with newsletter content creation, template design, and email automation setup.
  • Ads: It includes creating ad copy as well as campaign ideation and target audience setup, to make sure your ads reach the right audience.
  • Graphic Design: This is useful if you need specific designs like a new logo, business cards, report layouts or a complete brand identity package. It also includes designs for carousel type posts for social media or ads.
  • Digital Branding: This includes brand audits, positioning, tone of voice, guidelines and everything you need to make your brand stand out in digital and have a clear, consistent, and compelling message.


1. Challenge

1. Digital marketing needs are fluid and can be quite unpredictable


2. A comprehensive in-house marketing team means overhead


3. Task overload keeps the team from working on the big picture


2. Impact

1. Marketing needs to adapt fast to challenges or opportunities. This type of unpredictability can result in many missed opportunities, as your team might not have the bandwidth or specific expertise to pivot when it’s most important.


2. Building a full-scale marketing department is a significant investment, with salaries, ongoing training and development to keep skills sharp. Moreover, you need to effectively use every team member at all times, leading to either burnout from overwork or inefficiency from underuse.


3. The relentless pressure to create and implement can stretch marketing teams to their limits. With their focus spread thin, the quality of the work can suffer and lead to a loss of focus on the company’s big digital marketing goals resulting in missed opportunities for growth.


3. Solution

1. A digital marketing subscription service is designed for this exact scenario. With a flexible approach, you can focus on specific areas month-to-month or even quarter-to-quarter. This means you can take advantage of new opportunities right away, without putting extra pressure on your team or waiting for internal resources to catch up.

2. A digital marketing subscription gives you access to a team experts on demand, avoiding the financial and managerial overhead of a full-time staff. This helps you manage your marketing budget and ensures that every project is handled by experienced professionals.


3. A digital marketing subscription is the perfect antidote to task overload. A dedicated team is ready to take on whatever is overburdening your in-house team. This flexible subscription model adapts to your needs, supporting you while you work on more important things.



It’s hard to cover everything there is to say about a subscription based approach to digital marketing, but we put together a list of question we’ve seen come up most often in our chats with tech founders and marketers. If you have other curiosities not answered in this list don’t be shy and reach out.


Marketing managers who need a strong digital marketing partner to help them implement everything they have on their plate.
Founders who want to build an internal marketing team but need marketing basics to be covered so their company stays visible in online can also benefit from this solution.
Marketing directors with budget caps or who have gaps in their teams and face recruitment delays can use this subscription until they find the right people to complete their team.
B2B tech companies that need an extended marketing team or have very specific digital marketing needs or challenges they cannot hire for.


The timeline for each deliverable will depend on the nature of the request. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know in good time so you can plan accordingly.


If you have bigger project or need an extra task opened we can send you a specific estimate for it. We adopted the digital as a service or digital marketing subscription solution in addition to our usual project based or retainer ways of working from a desire to offer the flexibility many of our clients need. 


Yes, we also offer fractional marketing consulting and one-time projects. We work both service based and subscription based so we can cater to all types of needs. All you have to do is tell us what you need, and we will work with you to create a custom scope. We can work on strategy, demand generation, lead generation and social selling projects.


If you have a lot on your plate, we can review your list together and prioritize the projects that best fit your current strategy and goals.


We can help with that. We’ve been developing strategies for B2B tech companies for over a decade and we love working on the big picture. We can help you build a solid strategy and actionable tactics to reach your goals. It’s one of our best selling services.


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