About The Client

Big Books for Little Hands is a Romanian based e-shop specialized in children’s books and educational games. They also offer the biggest variety of Usborne books on the local market. Since their first steps two years ago, they decided that the name Big Books for Little Hands is too long and it doesn’t really match their values and long term plan. So they took a leap and decided to go for a complete rebranding. They had a name they loved, but they were missing everything else. This is when we met.

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About The Project

Big Books for Little Hands got a fairy-tale name and became Cartia – The Kingdom of Children’s Books. The new name and a very detailed brief from the client helped us come up with an identity and communication strategy that perfectly embodied Cartia’s new business vision values.

What we knew was that children’s book sales represent 25% of the Romanian book sales market, and one out of every four books sold in Romania is a book for children. So our mission was to create a memorable and fresh identity that would cut through the noise and stand out among the other big players. We helped them with their new positioning and supported them in finding the best communication strategy and marketing solutions for the resources they have available.

We managed to create an identity that will be the foundation of the cool brand that is really there for parents and acts as a sidekick to the everyday superheroes.

Parents who shop online and have young kids are most likely to be millennials. Nowadays, four in five (4/5) babies are born to millennial parents. These parents focus only on getting the best things for their kids. While this is great, it leads to information overload. Therefore, our mission was to find a way to speak through Cartia’s identity in a way that reflects their values and praises their efforts. Cartia knows and understands that modern parents want to offer their kids only the best products, services & education.

It also realizes that parents today are busier than ever and they struggle with an acute lack of time. After the market and user research phases, we decided to create a character that will speak the same language as the cool millennial parent. This character needed to be strong, but delicate, impressive but friendly. It needed to be a support for the ever busy parent, like a sidekick. So we imagined Cartia as a panda—the trusted sidekick of the modern superhero parent.

The logo has two main elements: the logo symbol and the typography. The logo symbol is a powerful image, evoking the identity of the brand. The typography and the font have been chosen for their modern and highly legible style. The logo is both descriptive and suggestive, telling the world about the brand’s main mission: to make kids and parents happy through books and fun activities.

Eastern cultures regard the panda as a symbol of peace and good fortune. When Panda appears, the outlook on life becomes brighter. The black and white markings of the Panda Bear give it an association with a harmony of yin and yang energy.

The versatile nature of the logo allows for the use of different colors. While the panda remains in black and white, the book can take on other colors, depending on category or subject. We designed it this way with evolution in mind. As the brand grows, it will need visual elements to support this growth. We also designed a visual system the client can use for packaging and other brand materials.

The client was more than happy with the final result. The logo got unanimous approval from the Cartia founders. We are proud to say that no revisions were necessary.


  • Project audit
  • Branding (strategy, positioning, logo design & identity design)
  • Platform strategy and technical specs
  • UX, UI & WordPress implementation

Who’s behind the project:

Claudiu Jojatu as Digital Strategy Consultant

Cristina Tupita as Head of Creative

Irina Botnari as Social Media Consultant


Got too much on your digital marketing plate?
We can help with that.