The Demand Generation Marketing Guide

Demand Generation

The guide explains how to get more customers for B2B startups. It shows how demand generation is different from just getting leads and suggests ways like blogging, holding webinars, and using SEO to attract and convert people to customers.

Rebranding & strategy project for Cartia

Children’s online bookstore rebranding & brand strategy project. From Big Books for Little Hands to a fairy-tale name: Cartia – The Kingdom of Children’s Books.

Social selling project for RPA company

International automation company solves lack of leads with agency partnership. From sending thousands of cold emails to strategic approach through social selling.

Digital recruitment campaign for mReady

mReady: Digital recruitment campaign by Milk & Cookies Studio

The mReady digital recruitment campaign tried to attract coders and increase brand awareness, facing the challenge of competing with corporation for talent. To tackle this, we came up with a creative mReady Vitamin” concept.